About Us

Established in 2022, Gluten Free World is picking up where FG Roberts left off. We are proudly endorsed by FG Roberts and we thank them for being pioneers in the Gluten Free industry.

When FG Roberts made the decision to close their doors, Paul Brady, the owner of Strada Gluten Free Bakery and Caffe Strada was front and centre of discussions and made the offer to purchase the blending machinery and secure their much-loved recipes and thus begun the transition of moving 89 years of history to a new site.

We have created a space where we celebrate the past achievements and fused them together with modern ideas.

We currently blend onsite at our dedicated Gluten & wheat Free facility in Clayton, Victoria.

What sets our products apart from everyone else?

We only use Premium ingredients, and our products yield a higher protein and fibre content than a lot of the competing products on the shelves.

Our Traditional Bread Mix is our biggest seller and for good reason!! Unlike a lot of other products, ours is not a batter pour dough. Our bread forms a genuine flexible dough which allows the customer to form countless shapes. It’s also light and fluffy which is a very important quality for Gluten Free Bread.

We send samples of every new batch to be independently lab tested to ensure the highest quality and we test bake every new batch of bread to ensure it passes our quality control criteria.